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Ribolla Gialla VG IGT Orange Wine 2018

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Unity is strength. Ribolla di Oslavia is a wine indissolubly linked to Oslavia and to the people of Oslavia. The idea of ​​macerating white wines, the so-called "orange wines" was born right on our hills, from the minds of two producers. Radikon and Gravner. A couple of years later the Ribolla Producers Association of Oslavia was born. The foundations on which the association rests are, the Ribolla Gialla grown in Oslavia with the utmost respect for the environment and the more or less long maceration on the skins.

This is our idea of ​​Ribolla di Oslavia

It has a deep yellow color that tends to golden. On the nose there are aromas of hay and dried flowers, and scents reminiscent of mimosa. The bouquet is complemented by nuances of dried fruit, propolis and brown sugar. In the mouth it shows an elegant tannin, integrated by minerality and flavor.

Given its olfactory complexity, and the discreet presence of tannin, I like to combine it with a typical dish from Grado:

- The boreto alla graisana

A fish soup, very tasty (lots of pepper) and fatty (basically prepared with "fatty" fish)