Giuseppe Rinaldi, vino, Wine, Barolo “Tre Tine” DOCG

Barolo “Tre Tine” DOCG 2012

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The company was founded in 1890 by the first Rinaldi who, as a real farmer, worked in the vineyards of the Marquis Falletti di Barolo. Over time he became the owner of a small parcel and began trading grapes. So he begins to fall in love with the winegrowing business and passes it on as a legacy to his children. From generation to generation the company always remains in the hands of the Rinaldi family and now Giuseppe and his daughter Marta are in charge of it.

The family's vineyards are located in the most recognized crus of Barolo: Brunate, Cannubi-San Lorenzo and Ravera. The company has always had a two-way relationship with nature and its territory, taking care of it and taking care of it as if it were a precious creature, all elements that are then enhanced in the wine.