Marisa Cuomo


    Marisa Cuomo and Andrea Ferraioli are at the helm of one of the most interesting realities of the Campania landscape. The winery, at the head of an agricultural chain of about forty contributors, supports the local economy, preserving the ancient cultural practices of the Amalfi coast and producing unique wines born from a terroir as fascinating as it is impervious.

    The Marisa Cuomo winery is immersed in an exceptional landscape: five hectares of dolomitic-limestone rocks, terraces 500 meters above sea level and exceptional exposure to the sun and the iodine action of the Amalfi Coast.

    To the charm of the Furore area, dominated by the perfect geometry of the vineyards, we must also add the suggestive cellar carved into the rock, where natural freshness and humidity best govern aging in barriques.

    At the height of tradition in the vineyard, therefore, there is the maximum of modernity in the cellar.

    Marisa Cuomo's wines, of the highest quality, combine essential traits, territory of belonging and great mastery in the use of woods: factors from which an extraordinary contemporaneity and elegance derive.

    Among vines, rocks overlooking the sea and peasant traditions, some of the most beautiful and interesting enological expressions of Italy are born.

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