Oslavia is the cradle of the Collio viticulture, the most important wine area of Friuli Venezia Giulia: this is where the history of our company begins, with the deed of sale of the vineyard called "Meja" by Valentino Fiegl dated 1782.

    The goal that has guided our work from the beginning: to express and tell the territory through wine.

    In the passage of the company from fathers to sons, we have continuously invested in the culture of wines to raise the quality of our products. Today the winery is run by two generations of Fiegl. The brothers Alessio, Giuseppe and Rinaldo have consolidated their vocation for the territory by producing red and white wines capable of enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of the Collio soils, difficult to cultivate but rich in mineral salts. Thanks to their passion they have given life and breath to wines that are unique in the world, an authentic and faithful expression of the Oslavia terroir.

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    6 products