Castello di Vicarello


    Their vineyards, framed by the Mediterranean scrub, are surrounded by woods inflicted by centuries-old olive trees and by 12th century gardens.

    The grapes selected for the production of Terre di Vico and Castello di Vicarello come exclusively from the seven hectares of vineyards that surround the castle.

    These are grown at high density and the vines are grown according to the dictates of organic farming. The story of a wine is told starting from the earth, from the mother rock that characterizes it making it unique, continuing with the climate, ending with the agronomic and oenological choices.

    But that can't be enough. And at the Castello di Vicarello, it is the dedication and passion of Carlo Baccheschi Berti that gives the deepest and most sincere narration of what a sip of his wines can tell.

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